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Sep 5, 2012 4:00am PDT
in arlington, virginia, and she's voting for the president mostly because of social issues. she likes the president's health care reform and its guaranteed coverage of contraception. she does not like that mitt romney would repeal the reform and that romney opposes most abortions. when the republican controlled legislature in virginia voted to force women getting an abortion to view the fetus on an ultrasound, blout felt that women were being targeted. >> in virginia, i see an absolutely a war against women in virginia. >> a war against women. >> a war against women. i want to make my own decisions between me and my doctor and nobody else. that's what they're targeting. >> a voter in herndon, virginia, calls the notion of a war on women preposterous. she's a telecom manager and mother of two, she supports romney because her issue is the sputtering economy. >> i'm very concerned about being able to afford getting my children to college and myself to retirement. >> in the latest poll by cbs news, the president leads mitt romney with women voters by ten points nationwide. but by more in
Sep 19, 2012 4:00am PDT
most likely to decide the election. a poll of voters in colorado, virginia and wisconsin shows a virtual tie in colorado with president obama ahead by one point, a six point swing from the last poll in august. in virginia the president holds a four point lead and is now over 50%. and in wisconsin the president maintains the same 51-45% lead he did august 8th and wiped out the gains romney made after adding paul ryan to the ticket. the president has gained the most in an area that's been romney's strongest point who would do a better job on the economy. the president wiped out a ten-point disadvantage on that question in colorado and has now taken the lead in virginia and wisconsin. romney's dip in the polls comes at a time when he's been knocked off message by a secretly recorded video of him speaking at a fundraiser >> 47% with him who are dependent upon the government. >> reporter: in the tape romney said 47% of americans pay no income taxes, believe they are victims entitled to government help and will vote for president obama no matter what. >> my job is not to worry about
Sep 27, 2012 4:00am PDT
. >>> president obama and mitt romney campaign in virginia today, their first debate next week. yesterday the candidates were in ohio going head-to-head on such issues like taxes and foreign trade. in an effort to attract working class voters. for romney it's a mission in ohio to make up ground on the president with time running out. susan mcginnis is in washington with more on this. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. ohio is considered a must-win for both candidates. they've been spending so much time that governor kasich joked they should start paying taxes in the state. it illustrates how important this handful of swing states are. president obama and mitt romney are following each other from one battleground state to another. on wednesday ohio was their target. >> you probably are aware that there's an election going on right now in ohio. >> i believe you're going to help me win ohio. >> reporter: today it's a quick flight to virginia. >> we're a compassionate people. >> reporter: on wednesday romney tried to convey a more empathetic candidate. >> we have people that are hurting
Sep 28, 2012 4:00am PDT
candidates were in another battleground state. >> how's it going, virginia beach? >> reporter: president obama talked to voters in southern virginia. >> growing our economy begins with a strong and thriving middle class. >> reporter: while mitt romney talked with veterans about looming cuts to the military in the northern part of the state. >> 136,000 jobs will be lost in virginia as a result of this move. >> reporter: the candidates will spend time this weekend preparing for next week's debate, ahead of the face-off in denver, both campaigns seem to be trying to lower expectations. >> we are looking forward to the debates, as you know. there have been difficulties and you have to give the president credit for the campaign they're running. >> reporter: romney's staff issued a talking points memo telling surrogates to point out how well president obama has done in past debates. >> as president i'm going to have to make some tough decisions. >> reporter: the obama campaign issued a statement pointing out that the president hasn't debated since 2008. >> 10,000 bucks. >> reporter: while gove
Sep 4, 2012 4:00am EDT
, an acc duel, virginia tech hosting the yellow jackets of georgia tech. georgia tech trailing and washington hits deon hill. ten-yard touchdown there makes it 17-14 yellow jackets. virginia tech responded with 6 seconds left. he nails a 41-yard field goal to send this one to overtime. in the extra period, jernl does it again, this time an 18-yarder for the win. virginia tech takes it 20-17. >>> tiger woods finished third at the deutsche bank championship on monday, but that was enough to put him in the record books. the finish earned woods $544,000, putting him over $100 million in winnings for his career. he's the first golfer to ever achieve that mark. he's averaged more than $362,000 per tournament over his career. >>> and some eagle-eye football fans are throwing the flag on old navy. the clothing store was selling this t-shirt that incorrectly identifies the houston texans as the 1961 afc champs. problem is, the houston texans didn't exist until 2002. in 1961, the houston oilers won the afl crown, and in 1962, the dallas texans won that league's championship. big, bold an
Sep 11, 2012 4:00am EDT
in new york, virginia, and pennsylvania. the events start at the pentagon, where a ceremony will be held early this morning with the u.s. flag unfurled over the side of the building at sunrise. president obama will attend a wreath-laying ceremony here later this morning. in new york monday night, the new freedom tower was lit up in red, white, and blue. at its base, the world trade center memorial. today, the names of each victim of the twin towers attacks will be read aloud by their families. and in shanksville, virginia, monday, leon panetta toured the memorial with united flight 93 went down. at sunset, 40 luminaries lit the wall. vice president biden will attend ceremonies there later this morning. and good news for visitors to the 9/11 memorial in new york. a dispute over how to fund construction of a museum on the memorial grounds was resolved monday night. >> we feel the public is so needing this complimentary experience to the memorial. >> reporter: construction begins at the end of the month. >> that was susan mcginnis reporting this morning. >>> important news for tens of thous
Sep 21, 2012 4:00am PDT
for votes in key battleground states today. program is in virginia, mitt romney is in nevada. he has a new battle cry. he's accusing the president of surrendering his ability to change washington. >> reporter: mitt romney jumped all over this comment the president made on thursday about changing washington. he's hoping to get his campaign back on track and try to convince voters that he has what it takes to end the partisanship in washington. problem shared a plate of fries with young voters while talking about student loans in south florida. mitt romney talked medicare in sarasota. >> i hope the people in florida understand this. he cut medicare by $716 billion. >> reporter: two contrasting images in two parts of the state, each with the same goal. florida's 29 electoral votes. but something president obama said during a candidate's forum on univision through the most attention. >> you can't change from washington from the inside you can only change it from the outside. that's how i got elected. that's how health care got done because we mobilized the american people to speak out. >> repo
Sep 14, 2012 4:00am EDT
attacks. >> the next president of the united states, mitt romney! . >> reporter: at a rally in virginia a protester cut romney off when he started to talk about libya. >> what a tragedy to lose a wonderful -- a wonderful. >> reporter: mitt romney's attacks of the president the day after the libyan killings leaving some to believe he may have acted too soon. >> they realize they may have jumped the gun. don't get your foot into something and have the waters change between when you stepped in and when you're ready to make your move. >> reporter: from air force one president obama called republican congressional leaders to thank them for not joining romney's attacks. secretary of state hillary clinton will be at andrews air force base this afternoon to receive back into the u.s. the remains of the americans killed in benghazi. >> the other two americans who were killed in the benghazi attacks have been identified by the state department. they were both former navy s.e.a.l.s working security. again dougherty was a paramedic, pilot and trained sniper. >> glenn lived his life to the fullest.
Sep 6, 2012 4:00am EDT
at the satellite and radar combined, there's the moisture coming out of west virginia now, in toward western virginia, the shenandoah valley with light showers. you can see the activity, especially north and west of d.c. going into southwestern pennsylvania. want to zoom in and show you the next round here. we have some light showers coming. this is into northern fauquier county. you see it -- that's route 17. just east of 17. it continues going up toward aldie and maybe purcelville. we have a few light showers. heavier stuff from new market toward harrisonburg. this is all moving to the northeast. luray, sperryville, you'll get this in the next half-hour. temperature wise, another very warm, muggy morning. it's 80 in annapolis. we're 79 in town with low to mid-70s across many of the suburbs. we'll have sunshine this afternoon. let's go to monika and find out if anything is happening on the roads this early hour. >>> just a little bit with the construction on the west side of town especially. i always start off with that because that's where it affects you the most. if you're planning to hea
Sep 24, 2012 4:00am PDT
much, florida. >> hello, virginia. >> i need ohio to help me become the next president. >> we win colorado i'll get four more years. >> our founding fathers had it right. >> republican new jersey state representative says even though 62% of americans say they support replacing the electoral college with a national popular vote the current system ensures against big city domination. >> what i believe is that you'll have large urban areas like los angeles and chicago determining the outcome of the elections. >> she also considers the popular vote pack around an end run in amending the constitution. >> they don't have the votes so they try to go around that by going state legislatures, join us. come with us. i think it's a cop out. >> they are saying the end justifies the means. >> yes. but i don't believe they are right. >> richard cody remains optimistic. >> you think it happens? >> i think it happens. the closer the obama/romney vote gets, that's more of a factor in deciding whether or not this gets done in four years or eight years or maybe even 12. >> george w. bush was the four
Sep 12, 2012 4:00am PDT
your digestive system. new activia breakfast blend. >>> a virginia woman stumbled on to some hidden treasures. she bought this renoir painting about two years ago. it was in a box that she paid $7 for. she forgot about it until recently. the painting dates back to 1879. when auctioned later this month will fetch as much as $100,000 if not more. get that money. like winning the lottery. this past summer a grandmother from new york became the unwitting story of a video being shown being bullied. after the incident she received support and donations from people all over the world. on tuesday she was presented with a check that came from 30,000 people in 80 countries. >> reporter: it's a new beginning for karen klein. >> i feel like a different person. >> reporter: she's now more than $700,000 richer thanks to donors from all over the world who reached out to her. >> i can't believe people donated like that. >> reporter: this is what sparked the kindness of strangers and video posted three months ago of a bus monitor in rochester, new york being bullied by 12 and 13-year-old students. i
Sep 5, 2012 4:00am EDT
into west virginia and western maryland. we've been watching them the last little while come through garrett county, back through romney, coming out of elkins all moving off to the east. this will make the northern shenandoah valley probably an hour and a half and we'll watch it a little later as a potential of coming toward us. temps are way up there. once again a very muggy morning. we've got 79 at the patuxent naval air station. 76 gaithersburg. the cool spots are in the low to mid-70s. i know it's september 5. it sure doesn't feel like it. with the clouds, some sunshine and scattered showers and storms. expecting highs anywhere from the mid- to upper 80s. might poke toward 90 in one or two spots. it is 4:26. monika samtani stepping in here with the first look at timesaver traffic. will we survive terrible traffic tuesday? >> yes, we d. we're still going -- we did. we're still going to have to get used to those traffic patterns. there will be a lot of traffic and still a lot of things to deal with in terms of volume as you travel on the may your thoroughfares. right now there's constructi
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)